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Sharing the Beauty of the Islands: Fresh Tropical Flowers Delivered Direct From Hawaii

Need a Gift? Fresh Hawaiian Tropical Bouquets.

Service: Order on-line or call toll free. All orders guaranteed to your satisfaction. We do our best to fill your last minute orders and appreciate pre-orders for all major holidays.

Custom Orders Welcome
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Value: Flowers are grown here in Hawaii and packed and shipped directly from the farm to you. We strive to keep our overhead low so you save money too. Anthurium, Bird of Paradise, Heliconia, Protea and variety of Orchids combine for the most popular selections we offer! We promise the best variety of the season. Prices include regular two-day shipping.

Bouquet Combinations:

Deluxe Combination ALOHA DELUXE
26 - 28 Assorted: $85.00
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Ask about Seasonal Specials!

Prices include Shipping

We offer the best variety of Fresh Tropical Flowers

Garden Combination HAWAIIAN GARDEN
15 - 17 Assorted: $65.00
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Custom Floral Orders Welcome

Tips on care and arranging included in every box

Sampler Combination TROPICAL SAMPLER
10 - 12 Assorted: $55.00
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100% Guaranteed -We guarantee every order to your satisfaction

Selection Offering a wide variety of fresh flowers, including Orchids, Bird of Paradise,
Protea, Heleconia and many varieties of Anthurium.

All floral selections include foliage, care instructions and arrangement tips. Substitutions may be necessary due to seasonal availability, and will be of equal or greater value.

Unique Gift Tropical Hawaiian flowers are not usually found in regular flower shops or grocery stores. When this gift box arrives from Hawaii it is guaranteed to evoke the charm and warmth of our Tropical Islands. Along with your personal gift card message it will stand out as an unforgettable gift. Many of our clients send our Tropical Flowers as their 'signature' gift for any occasion.
Farm direct: Shipped right from the farms of the Big Island, fresh and colorful exotic flowers arrive specially packaged for safest travel. Long-lasting, tropical flowers are sturdy and last longer than most flowers giving you added value. Tips on how to care for and arrange tropical flowers are included in every box.
Other Floral Gift Selections:
Anthuriums ANTHURIUMS - Unique heart shaped flowers, available in rich red and orange tones or pastel colors.
1 Dozen Red Anthuriums: $60.00
1 Dozen Pastel Anthuriums: $70.00

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Flower prices include shipping to the mainland USA via FedEx Standard Overnight unless otherwise stated.
Orchids ORCHIDS - Graceful, elegant sprays consist of many blossoms per stem. Approx 12-20" in length. Colors vary with season.
1 Dozen Orchids: $60.00
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Priority service and Saturday delivery available for extra charges to most zip codes.
Protea vary from soft and feathery to bold and cone-like. Most protea dry well. Selections include best variety of season.
8 Protea Selection: $60.00
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Extra charges also required for shipments to Alaska and Canada. Prices and availability subject to change.
Enjoy Fresh Hawaiian Tropical Fruit & Flower Leis:
2 ORCHID LEIS - - Say "Aloha" with fresh orchid leis!
2 single style or 1 double style: $50.00
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Contact us for any custom lei orders.
PINEAPPLE - Shipped 1/2 ripe via Fedex
Six Pack $65.00 (Includes Shipping)
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Details For Fruit Orders
Prices on fruit orders include FedEx Economy Service.

Custom Orders Welcome

Local Gourmet Food Basket:
PARADISE MORNING Taro pancake mix, coconut syrup, macnuts, candied fruit, tropical fruit jam. Price includes Shipping. Shipments arrive via Fedex or UPS.
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Food Gift Baskets
"Another great gift idea"
• Ask about Seasonal Specials! •
• Prices include Shipping •
• We offer the best variety of Fresh Tropical Flowers •
• Custom Floral Orders Welcome •
• Tips on care and arranging included in every box •
• 100% Guaranteed -We guarantee every order to your satisfaction •

Shipping Information:

Shipments arrive via Fedex or UPS

We ship Monday through Wednesday for arrival before the weekends. Two day delivery service available to most US addresses. Saturday delivery and overnight only available to some states.

No Saturday delivery to California due to agricultural inspection restrictions.

Please provide us with a complete shipping address so your order does not get delayed. Your tropical flowers arrive guaranteed fresh and ready to be unpacked and arranged. Along with your personal gift card message, we include tips on arranging the flowers, in every box. Also, see our Youtube video on unpacking and easily arranging the flowers when they arrive.

Please contact us with any questions or special requests.

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